Butter Body Cream 250 ml

__________________________________________________________ Butter Body Cream 250 ml customizable with your favourite fragance.

Referencia: P56400000000K621

Nourishing body butter cream: Natural ingredients such as Olive oil , karité butter, wheat germ.
Karité butter gives your skin eutrophics emollients, including benefits such as vegetal origin UV protection
Replenish and improve the hidrolipid skin barrier, leaving your skin young, protected and smooth.

Olive oil is a main part of the mediterranean diet, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, also known as essential fatty acids, leaving your skid moisturised, protected and supple.
wheat-germ oil mainly contains unsaturated fatty acids and tocoferol, Contains a and ß Tocoferol (0.30%), as well as A Provitamine, essential fatty acids, fosfolípids and sterols. E Vitamine has a main importance in Neutralization of free radicals, which is responsible of skin degeneration.

To improve the moisturising benefits of these three natural emolients, in addition our cream includes the following combination:

Vegetal glycerine base (USP)
Mixture of substances, imitating the natural moisturizing factor of the skin·

Natural preservative system

Based in organic acids, present in fruit. ·

One of the few preservative combinations suitable with EcoCert, BDIH y la Soil Association Certifications.